SAORI KANDA SP Interview English version part1

It has been a year since SAORI KANDA performed at SHPONGLE’s concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, USA. During today’s interview, SAORI reflected on her experience of joining SHPONGLE as an artist, as well as discussing her current visions and life style, including her most recent creative projects during the Covid-19 pandemic.

—interviewed by CCBB

-- Hello! I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings around your experience in performing at SHPONGLE's concert that was held a year ago, and regarding your special release of the canvas prints of the [ LIGHT ] original artwork you created during the concert.
I am also excited to hear your updates on your recent projects. How are you doing these days?


During recent days, I have been focusing on nurturing my spirit as an artist.
Unlike my regular schedule where I tend to focus on releasing my energy externally through different artistic engagements including live performances, I have had much more time to quietly focus inward during this time. I have been enjoying the fact I can enjoy arts at home and spend my daily life along with my artworks. I have been appreciating simple daily activities like planting flowers, having 3 meals with my family, cleaning the house, while reflecting on my past journey and sitting with a question around my future vision-“How would I like to live from now on?”
I have also been loving the time to stretch and work out in front of my painting- it feels so great to receive the power of the art while strengthening and taking care of my body.

-- I saw your pictures of working out on Instagram! I hear you- During the times like this when we have more time to be still, we can attend to the feelings that might pass quickly in our usual life style.


I of course miss everyone, but this solitude time has been necessarily for me in order to work on my own self. I do miss and would love to see everyone so much though!
I recognize the importance of self-exploration during this time.

-- You mentioned you have been exploring your future vision. I have seen that you have been offering “Dancing painter HOME PARTY” on live streaming video sessions. I have seen live streaming sessions by musicians, but feel it’s rare for a visual artist to hold one. I am impressed with your commitment to stay active in sharing your work.


Yes, it’s a rare opportunity- live streaming sessions lead by a visual artist!
In regards to these sessions— the idea came to me in the end of February, and I took action right away. I just felt it was right to do so—in other words, I felt moved to do this... even though looking back, there was less tension around the pandemic back then if we compare the situation with the current one. I started this project because I thought it would be lovely to connect with everyone by sharing with one another a virtual “home party”- it’s another way to share our hearts, while not being able to see each other in person. To describe briefly what we have been doing- for each session, I have been inviting a musician (or a group of musicians)as guest, and complete an artwork while collaborating with them virtually. I am so happy to hear from the viewers who have been joining us by watching the sessions and posting comments like “Now I enjoy this with kids.” “I am watching from NY.” I strongly feel that it is so important to share joy with one another even when we are geographically apart.
In the beginning, I felt a little shy about offering live streaming video sessions, but was so encouraged when so many of my musician/artist friends- CD HATA,DJ Yumii, Reo Matsumoto, AYER, volunteered to participate with a sense of excitement. There is a little bit of a learning curve in using technology, but I believe in the point of doing this- to share the positive energy with one another moment by moment during the sessions. I hope to improve the quality of the sessions each time.

-- I personally feel that there is a big difference between virtual and physical live sessions. What do you think about this yourself?


What’s most interesting for me is that I still get this feeling...of optimizing my focus for the performance even when I am at home getting ready, maybe even taking a bath, before having these live streaming sessions. I feel excited and a healthy dose of nervousness with this contrast between being in my private space and offering live streaming sessions worldwide. Of course there are many things that are so different between virtual and physical live performances, but the fact that I am sending out my energy as an artist remains the same. In fact, I feel these live streaming sessions reflect my personal lifestyle even more strongly. It is as if my authentic energy sheds my exterior presentation, and a heat from within rises to be visible. I also feel the light shining from people who support me in this process becomes stronger, and I feel closer with everyone.

--That is so fascinating that you feel virtual sessions bring up your more authentic self!


Yes it’s fascinating. It is fascinating to focus on a mutual thing with people from different parts of the world in those moments, and to share joy- it almost feels like my ability to sense and feel gets refined through this process.. and I cherish the artwork that is born during this journey. I also feel so grateful when someone offers to purchase that artwork saying “I received power from this!” I even feel that this could be another way to live as an artist. During the times like this, I feel it is more necessary to send out the positive energy to the world, and more than anything, it is important to keep taking on new challenges.

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